At Value Cremations we offer a value for money cremation service in New Zealand. We are here to provide a dignified and quality service at a low cost.

Why should you choose a Value Cremations service?

For some, the cost of a funeral service may be an unexpected burden, or a traditional and elaborate funeral service may not feel like the right choice. Now there is a cremation service provider that understands and that can provide a basic yet dignified and quality cremation service at a low price.

The cremation package includes the deceased taken into our care, all required mortuary care, the necessary paperwork and death certificate, transport to the crematorium, the cremation fee, the coffin, shroud and a notification when the ashes are ready for collection from the crematorium. The cremation package varies by location, for further information on the package details and cost in your region, please choose from the regions listed below:

Value Cremations locations

North Island

South Island

Costs are subject to variations by region. Please visit the relevant region page for package details and price in your region and contact us for more information.